Regional Initiative Aims to Protect Up to 400 Kilometres of Rivers Across Southeast Europe

United for Rivers, a regional initiative dedicated to protecting 13 rivers across Southeast Europe, was launched today. By prioritizing the engagement of local communities, The Nature Conservancy and six partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia aim to safeguard the ecological, social, and cultural values of freshwater ecosystems in the region by establishing new river protected areas.

Southeast Europe is home to some of the last free-flowing rivers on the continent. They are the lifeblood of communities and ecosystems, providing clean water, supporting biodiversity, and sustaining livelihoods. Unfortunately, these priceless resources are under increasing threat from pollution, habitat destruction, unsustainable development, and climate change. This is a global problem with a local solution: since 1970, 83% of freshwater species populations and 30% of freshwater ecosystems have been lost worldwide.

“At the heart of our initiative is the conviction that engaging and empowering local communities in Southeast Europe is critical for effective and durable river protection”, says Dragana Mileusnić, Southeast Europe Programme Director at The Nature Conservancy. “We are collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, governments, businesses, and local communities to develop holistic and long-term solutions to protect our rivers.”

The coalition of partners includes the Center for the Environment from Banja Luka, Association Dinarica, and Novi Val Youth Club in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecological Association Rzav in Serbia, Eco-Team in Montenegro, and Eko-svest in North Macedonia.

United for Rivers is actively working to protect 13 rivers throughout the region, with the aim of inspiring new local river-protection actions. By investing time and effort in scientific research and understanding the needs and opinions of local communities, the United for Rivers initiative seeks to ensure early and transparent stakeholder engagement, while respecting the unique ecological, social, and cultural characteristics of each river.

Once protection is in place, and good protected area management is ensured, this will be a direct contribution to several important international commitments, including the EU Green Deal, the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, and the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework adopted in December 2022.

The United for Rivers initiative invites individuals, organizations, and communities in Southeast Europe passionate about protecting rivers to join the cause. Together, we can improve the state of our rivers and protect these valuable resources for future generations.

Join us in protecting the freshwater treasures of Southeast Europe.


The Nature Conservancy and Public Institution Natura Viva Join Forces to Protect the Mrežnica River in Croatia

By signing the Memorandum of Understanding today, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Public Institution Natura Viva agree to work together on the establishment of new protected areas along the Mrežnica River in Croatia. Apart from jointly contributing to the protection of the river, both organizations recognize the need for new scientific research in the area, joint action toward national-level decision makers, and encouraging local community engagement.



One Step Closer to Veliki Rzav River Special Nature Reserve

In addition to widely-known natural features, southwest Serbia also hides many river pearls, among which the most valuable is the Veliki Rzav River. This is supported by the results of scientific research conducted by the Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia in cooperation with the Ecological Association Rzav over the past four years. Results of the study were published recently on the official website of the Ministry of the Environment, initiating the process of establishing the Veliki Rzav River Special Nature Reserve.